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Kinda feel a bit bad for Anna, as far as popularity goes.

I understand Anna and Elsa are both the main protagonists of Frozen, but I kinda feel that Anna is supposed to be the major main protagonist of the movie. But for reasons, Elsa is the more popular character in the movie.

I can see why. She has ice powers; an awesome dress; a great singing voice. She is an interesting character, and while I can’t say that I myself relate to her, I know a low of people say that they go through the same problems.

How they have ice powers is beyond my knowledge, but I digress.

Now, compared to her sister Elsa, Anna is, as she said in the movie, completely ordinary. But as Hans adds: In the best way.

Now, I know a lot of people don’t particularly agree with what the villain says, but being ordinary isn’t a bad thing; but the sad thing is, when compared to someone like Elsa, being ordinary is Anna’s downfall, and that’s what makes her not as popular as Elsa.

That, I feel, is ripe with Unfortunate Implications.


Mudskipper is a fish which spend more time on land than in water. In fact, a mudskipper will drown if it’s never able to reach the water’s surface! Like other fish, mudskippers breathe through gills, but in addition they absorb oxygen through their skin and the linings of their mouths and throats. They are able to move over land by using their pectoral fins to pull themselves forward, or they perform a series of skips or jumps. Pokemon “Mudkip” is based on this fish.

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